Our online resources are very useful for all international students who would like extra help with learning any aspect of English. There are many resources available online, but once you’re enrolled as a student at Bath Academy, you will be given access to our unique E-Learning Portal which includes the following: 

  • Communication Platform – where you can contact teachers and fellow students 
  • English Skills Exercises – practice for every level skill required, including listening, reading, speaking, and writing
  • Grammar Doctor – to help you with all your grammar questions
  • Create Projects – share with your fellow classmates
  • Library – includes English idioms, jokes, radio, podcasts, games 

Please note: our E-Learning Portal can be accessed by anyone wishing to do an online placement test. Once you are signed up as a student you will be given permission to use all the other features of the portal as listed above.

Here are some other online resources about living and studying in the UK:

INTERNATIONAL STUDENT – many resources here covering everything you want to know about studying and living in the UK

PREPARE FOR SUCCESSan interactive web learning tool for international students who are getting ready to come to the UK for study in further or higher education

GREAT BRITISH MAG a digital magazine that helps students interested in studying in the UK decide whether it is the best place for them and, once they have decided to come, provide insights that help them every step of the way.